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Glencoe // Friday 18th January 2013
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Old Mugs Alley mostly has a base, but scoured at the top Friday morning, slight change of wind could fill it again.

Mugs Alley, pisted but thin on the steeper pitch. Top Section is broken, so for returning down the hill only.

Looking up Ski Tow Gully, light powdery snow drifting every direction!

Top of the Access Chair, can ski off and over to Poma. (Thursday)

T40 fan gun lashed and pile of snow on lower Plateau. Wall beyond is the only complete middle run. (Thursday)

Looking up to the Main Basin and Happy Valley from the Plateau Run. (Thursday)

Plateau Poma track is complete, but thin in places. Was catching more today, but run lost some higher up. (Thursday)

Not the usual view in the Cafe, work to replace the glass gable in progress. (Thursday)

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Glencoe is planning to reopen on Saturday morning, but please check the latest in the morning as it's wind dependent. The Cliffhanger Chair will be the only access to the Main Basin T-bar from which the main riding will be, as there is insufficient depth for the Wall T-bar to run.

These are a selection of photos from Thursday and Friday. There was a general all over light cover of fresh snow on Thursday, but this was drifting on Friday. The recent snow is very light and powdery and was starting to stick one place, butt with the slightest change in wind direction or speed it was off again!

Thus this weekend it could be hunt the powder stash! Though the wind is forecast to moderate through the weekend, drifting will continue as the fresh snow there is just so light and powdery.

The Plateau Poma uptrack is complete so this is expected to run for Access. Old Mugs Alley is mostly skiable, but there are a couple of breaks at the very top due to wind scouring on Friday and below the Glencoe Ski Club Hut where there is no base left and short walk is required over to the Cliffy. An alternative is to walk over the Plateau via the track to the Cliffy, remember this is less than half the vertical rise of the Plateau Poma itself.

Mid Mountain only the Wall is complete, thus the sport on offer is really only suitable for more experienced skiers and boarders as this will be the principle return route back to the lower mountain.

Ticket prices are reduced. Check Glencoe Report for the latest.
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