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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 27th December 2012
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Looking down Coire Cas, Fiacaill Traverse then fenced Fiacaill Run was good from here.

Busy carpark below the Daylodge Poma, this is the best route back to the bottom.

The M2 was very busy in the afternoon, seemed to be a lot lapping it off the Funicular.

You can ski back to the Chairlift Station, but have to walk over to the WW Poma from the Ciste Gully.

No1 Gully on the East Wall banked out flat. No 2 Gully closed due to the hard base being exposed.

Looking down the lower part of the Ciste Gully, banked out with big depth to the East side after the storms last week.

Skiers in the Ciste Gully, the run of the day as catching windblown loose, despite the faff getting to the WWP.

Ciste Bowl was also catching windblown fresh. Top Basin great riding today.

The Ptarmigan Tow's guide to how not to queue in Scotland.

Ski School has a dedicated children's starter area in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Polar Express trainer tow, a gentle introduction to the tows.

Look closely at the piste sign!

M1 Poma doing it's thing on Thursday afternoon.

Cas Gunbarrel well filled after last weeks storm.

All legs of the Zig Zags have good cover, some icy patches on link to M1 Poma.

That's all folk, the wind was picking up with a lot of drifting on the M2 for the final run off the mountain.

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A cold day on CairnGorm Mountain, but not much wind until dusk when it noticeably started to pick up ahead of the forecasted storm conditions on Friday.

The dry air and low temperatures helped set the base up hard, but there was a covering of fresh snow on most of it with some runs fairing particularly well from the regular top of windblown loose snow. On the whole the hard stuff was more grippy than icy, but there were a few areas that were glacial in nature. The M1 being an inclined ice rink and the approach to the bottom of the Cas Tow had some very slick patches.

There is total cover across the Top Basin and it was in good shape today, the Ciste Bowl had a lovely layer of fresh windblown snow. Top Basin was the only notable queues as Ski School was very busy.

M1 and Cas were steady but rarely more than a single line and later in the day were ride straight on.

The M2 and Daylodge were probably the best option on Thursday for a longer run for confident intermediates, who were perhaps a bit unsure about taking on the Ciste Gully. Certainly the best route back to the Cas carpark.

The Fiacaill Traverse and Fiacaill itself were the pick of the Cas side mid mountain runs. Below the lower slopes are passable to the Daylodge, but are very hardpacked and slick. M2/Daylodge by far the better option Thursday.

More snow and storm force winds setting in tonight before the FL lifts above the summits during Friday, before falling back again early hours of Saturday. We shall have to wait and see to what extent there are gains and losses.

High winds forecast for the next few days, so please check the latest in the morning.
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