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Glencoe // Friday 25th January 2013
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Cornice on the link from the Access Chair to Plateau Poma.

Run out from the Low Road, best cover on the 'wrong' side of the fence.

Not an unusual jib, but securing the Snow Gun against forecast gales!

Ski Patrol on the Plateau Poma Run which is widening out. Nice skiing.

Ski Patrol Base at 2800ft looking wintry.

Looking down on the Plateau Poma. Link from Mugs Alley much better, but still bit scratchy at top of Poma - go slow.

From here the cut vegetation makes the normal side of the Access fence line easy to ski.

Half way down, the Gully on skiers right of the fences provided nice wind packed powder from about 1900ft.

On the upper half, the cover is best on Skiers left of the Access fence, can see the trees at the base through the drifting!

Deep drifts on the 'wrong' side of the fence for much of the Access Run.

Old Mugs Alley improving through the day.

Top of the Cliffhanger Chairlift. it snowed steadily all day getting heavier later.

Mugs Alley is improving with the burn course now filling in with the heavy drifting.

Top of Mugs Alley, the top leg has improved a good bit, though still a couple of thin patches on the steeper corner.

Merge between Mugs Alley and High Road, continuing to improve steadily.

Boarder heads for the Cliffhanger from Old Mugs Alley.

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It has snowed continuously all day at Glencoe with significant drifting and the snow and wind have both upped in intensity this afternoon.

All runs on the mid mountain are continuing to improve steadily with the fence lines and natural gullies on both Old Mugs Alley and Mugs Alley catching plenty of new snow. Plateau is widening out steadily too, and mid mountain was offering nice riding though the light was a bit flat which made spotting the changing drifts challenging at times!

Thrombosis is now open, though should be treated as a black at present, but this is proof that the gullies are filling in. Most of the Main Basin was catching fresh, though there maybe some scoured bits at the very top as it was very wild on the top of the mountain all day, while mid-mountain and the Plateau was sheltered by the bulk of Meall a' Bhuiridh.

Top tows didn't run due to wind, but the Plateau Poma and Cliffhanger run for the full day.

There is big accumulations of drifted fresh on the outside of the Access Run fences, with better light and wider skis the upper half would be a blast outside the fence line. Mid section the gully to skiers right of the fence is great, but if you get on the wrong side of the fence lower down the mid-third it's a 150 yards of a complete combat mission! This could well improve overnight though and once onto the lower third where the vegetation was trimmed, skiers right of the fence is thin, but is relatively easily skiable back to the Access Chair for experienced riders.
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