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Glencoe // Thursday 21st March 2013
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Mugs Alley absolutely loaded, good windblown fresh on the High Road.

Old Mugs Alley is loaded too, can ride between them basically at will.

Icefall in the waterfall below the Access Chair.

Some rays of Sunshine hit the Flypaper during a brighter spell in the early afternoon.

Getting some turns in on the Spring Run.

Drifting snow adding to the windblown fresh in the Main Basin.

Cliffhanger Chair and Wall T-bar, endless options between the runs.

Looking down on the Plateau Poma from the top of the Cliffhanger Chair.

Top of the Cliffhanger Chair, sunlit hills beyond!

Cliffhanger Chair from the side of the runout form the Canyon - mind your head the snow is deep!

Beginner Rope Tow area has excellent cover.

Main Basin Drive, the snow pile pushed out from Ski Tow Gully is growing.

Full cover on the Plateau, lots of options for moderate off-piste.

Top of the Spring Run in the late afternoon, clearing up!

Looking up the Wall T-bar. Wall was great riding through the day.

Getting some last turns in on the Main Basin.

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The bulk of Meall a' Bhuiridh offered a degree of shelter from the strengthening South Easterly winds, though strong gusts closed the Cliffhanger Chair early. Very high winds are forecast for Friday, but again from the SE - but please check with Glencoe in the morning.

The mountain is plastered with snow and it's been building up all week, the East through SE winds blowing snow onto the majority of the runs. There is fantastic cover all all levels from the top of the Access up, so there is excellent riding on offer for all ability levels.

On much of the mountain the main named trails are almost meaningless, you can ride just about anywhere. On Thursday Happy Valley was quite firm wind packed snow, but a nice uniform surface, the Main Basin was similar to skiers left, while deeper soft windblown fresh accumulated nearer the tows.

The Rock Garden area to skiers right of the Top Tows has been accumulating stacks of snow all week with the wind out of the Easterly Quadrant. The top of the Rock Garden cutting into Rannoch Glades was a great run Thursday. The Spring Run was excellent all day, Flypaper was closed but will be assessed each morning if visibility allows.

Mid mountain Thrombosis was a blast and collecting deep windblown fresh in the bottom of the gully. The Wall was many people's pick and for early intermediates all the options of Mugs Alley were excellent. Wide cover on the Plateau.
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