pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 12th January 2013
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Looking back up the Upper Cas to the drop in from the 105.

Cas Gunbarrel, hard base, some loose sugary snow in the bottom.

Link to the M1 Poma from mid Zig Zags is complete.

Top leg of the Zig Zags.

Upper Cas is complete, but narrow - caution required at the hill road crossover.

Looking back up the top of the Traverse to Top Station.

Ski Patrol putting up catch nets above the buried fencing on the Traverse.

T40 being setup outside the Ptarmigan late in the afternoon.

From the turning skier rightwards to the yellow poles going off the screen was bare ground before the T40's got turned on.

Two TechnoAlpin T40s blasting away in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Skiers head through the Ptarmigan Bowl on machine made snow.

One T40 left on the Zig Zags, blowing snow at dusk.

Third leg of the Zig Zags has decent cover, now complete back to mid-station.

Lower Zag of the Zig Zags complete right back to mid-station.

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Forecasts are encouraging for some reasonable falls of new snow over the coming days which should freshen up the existing terrain and with 1300ft of vertical and a good base in the critical areas, it wont take a huge amount of snow fall to give some really good riding.

However as a Facebook post said yesterday "patience is not a virtue"... and the Ptarmigan Bowl rather proves the point, much improved from what would otherwise have been just a very narrow strip of old hard snow by the T-bar to a much wider cover of machine made snow.

This evening snow making is continuing in the Bowl with two T40 guns continuing to improve the extent of the skiable cover, one is running outside the Top Station and the 4th is blowing snow on the lowest leg of the Zig Zags.

Despite the lack of new snow yet since the thaw ended earlier the week, the combined efforts with the snow guns and extensive snow farming with the piste bashers mean there is something for all ability levels. From areas for first timers in the Ptarmigan Bowl, to the White Lady for more advanced riders.

Coire Cas, White Lady and the Zig Zags are fully complete into both the M1 loading area and the Funicular Mid-station, offering a range of green, blue and red terrain with 1300ft of vertical on offer off the lifts.

The Ciste Gully is complete to the West Wall boardwalk and for those with touring gear or prepared to hike out either over to the Daylodge or Ciste Carpark if you can arrange to leave a car there, that offers a run of about 1600ft from the top of the Ptarmigan. Check with patrol incase machines are working in the Ciste Bowl.

The base is firm to hardpacked with icy patches, when freshly groomed there is a layer of loose sugary snow esp on the Traverse, Cas and Zig Zags, but this was getting scrapped in places on Saturday leading to icy patches later. Good edges will make for a good day and snow should be falling from early Sunday to freshen things up.
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