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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 27th April 2013
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Sliding down Burnside, having survived the top corner!

Snowmaking: Proof of concept. Good riding on the Sheiling portion of the Carpark Runs.

Heading for the White Lady via the M1 SideTrack - all routes onto the Lady available.

Terrain Park viewed from the Ptarmigan Ridge, some nice fresh out here today.

Skier launches onto a tube rail in the Park.

Looking down the Ciste Fairway - good sport for all ability levels on offer.

The problem with the West Wall Poma... if only there was a chairlift!

Cas Gunbarrel still wide and flat, still deep cover at the mid-station platform area too.

Fenced Fiacaill Run in good shape with skier packed fresh snow.

On one of the easier box features in the expanded Ptarmigan Park.

Wide and deep cover on the White Lady, the early birds got fresh tracks, small bumps later.

Longest queue I saw all day, often ride straight on to tows.

Traverse is still loaded and banked out for it's full length, these new fences are 1.7m high!

Boarder rounds the corner onto the second leg of the Zig Zags from the Fiacaill.

Bottom leg of the Zig Zags still good to the Cas Tow and mid-station, excellent green run from top to middle.

Fiacaill Traverse area was popular today, some freshies if you stayed high, good skier packed snow on the main line.

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A few inches of fresh snow overnight added to what fell in showers during Friday, then the snow clouds parted to give some decent sunny spells and a fantastic start to the last weekend of April.

There is still excellent sport on offer for all ability levels on CairnGorm, with good areas for first timers in the Ptarmigan Bowl, while advancing snowplough turners can explore the longer greens around the Top Basin. The Traverse, Upper Cas, and full length of the Zig Zags provide a gentle green graded cruise to the mid-station and are all still in great shape.

The only downer on the day was the West Wall Poma not running - problem was getting machines and staff in / out via the M2, this will be reviewed on Sunday morning, so it may not be done yet as the uptrack is still complete and the Ciste Gully certainly is! Despite no WWP the gully was fairly well tracked by the end of the day!

On the Cas side the White Lady has a wide and deep cover, early morning fresh tracks give way to skier packed snow and smallish bumps later. Even the East Lady was getting some attention in search of fresh tracks in the afternoon.

Coire Cas and the Fiacaill Traverse and fenced Fiacaill Runs were beautiful with machine packed dry fresh snow and stayed that way through the day. The overnight snow was enough that you can get down the Carpark Runs via Burnside without taking skis off if you go carefully!

Season's certainly not done yet, CairnGorm Mountain is open daily for snowsports weather permitting.
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