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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 24th May 2013
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Looking back up the Ciste Bowl.

Ptarmigan Tow, Bowl and Terrain Park from the load point.

Setting off from above the Ptarmigan Tow for a run.

Ptarmigan Tow drive - there is a hole just below it in the middle of the Ciste Bowl, beware!

Looking up the Ptarmigan Traverse - good case for double fencing some of this?

Heading up for another run from the top.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Tow and top of the Terrain Park area.

Drifts on the top of the Traverse / M1 Poma.

Outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant. You can go in for munch, but you have to get yourself up now if you want to play.

Options for heading to the White Lady, M1 uptrack reportedly best route, then cut under the Funicular.

Ciste Gully at the end of the West Wall boardwalks.

Looking down a banked out Ciste Gully at the No 1 East Wall Gully merge.

Cosmetic Snow on the Ciste uptrack.

Maybe don't try this route once it warms up...

East Wall No 2 Gully might be worth a look.

With fresh snow to longer lower patches, able to get skins on below the West Wall Chair base on Friday.

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Sadly turns will have to be earned without any lift assistance as CairnGorm Mountain will not be open for snowsports over the Bank Holiday Weekend, meaning the closed system is in operation.

Alas that meant one run of the Ciste Gully setting off from the Ciste Carpark required more effort than four runs assisted by the Funicular with a walkover to the Daylodge! The rought tracks in the lower Ciste are very boggy at present, so though you get to continual snow at a lower elevation it's easier to start from the Cas. Then walk over to the Daylodge from the mid-station of the Chairlift after your run. The Laogh Mor side of the lower Ciste is worse than the under the chair track, and remaining snow patches near the carpark block the Eastern track in places.

As far as snow goes there is a run down part of the Marquis Well's Snowfield into the Ptarmigan Bowl, through the Ciste Bowl and on down the Ciste Gully to the boardwalk.

The kicker mounds in the Ptarmigan Terrain park are there, but would need some shaping as there has been quite a lot of drifting in behind them.

The White Lady was looking superb all evening in the bright sun on the webcams and there is still a complete run top to foot of the Lady. Using the M1 uptrack at the top seems to be the best route. Around where the Elephant Fence was, the cats have cut the snow up, but it then quickly widens out again. Earlier thaw and the fresh drifting snow have mellowed the bumps.

Traverse is being dug out, so beware that machines are working here. Finally, don't forget its less than 1 month to the Summer Solstice, the Sun is strong and the snow amplifies it greatly.
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