pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 25th April 2013
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Cranking up some bump turns on the White Lady.

Heading home. Carpark Run OK at Sheiling, but some walking on Burnside - beats the train down!

Wide motorway standard Traverse still banked out above the snow fences.

Looking over the wide and flat Gunbarrel from the base of the M1 Poma. Zig Zags and links good tool

Spring snow, Spring Bumps, Spring Sunshine on the White Lady.

Best route onto the Lady today was down the very top of the M1 RaceTrack, then cut diagonally across Poma to underpass.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Traverse from top of the Ciste Fairway.

Piste Basher reshaping the Ciste Bowl rider cross course. Plenty wide flat groomer beside it too.

Looking up the still wide Ptarmigan Bowl to the Terrain Park. See Sun / Fri photos from last week for more park pix.

Pretty sure that's not what this was designed for.

Looking down Coire Cas, good fun spring riding on granular spring snow. Gunbarrel should bump when busier.

Snow shower coming in at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

upper M1 RaceTrack full width, couple of rocks to watch for, but nice spring snow.

Exit M1 via Horizon Road, then either Gunbarrel, Zig Zags or the best on Thursday Chicken Gully to get back to Poma.

Outside the Top Station - should be lot more green on the run status Saturday, WWP track being worked on Thursday.

Polar Express Trainer Tow. Still great riding to be had for all ability levels.

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Forget the garden, forget the spring cleaning, leave the golf clubs for a while, summer is long enough so get up and take advantage of the still great cover on the mid and upper mountain trails.

It was a day of sudden contrasts, with bright late Spring Sunshine quickly followed by a taste of winter as fairly squally snow showers rattled in, with occasional hail. So be prepared for all seasons.

There's still loads of terrain to play on for all ability levels from first timers, snowplough turners getting to grips with the top to the White Lady and Ciste Gully amongst others for advanced riders.

Unpisted in recent days, bumps are slowly starting to build on the White Lady - but with the width of cover it's a slow process, hardwork too, but we gave it a good go at helping the process along on Thursday!

White Lady was superb from late morning, but if the snow crisps up overnight, stick to the groomers or smooth unpisted areas until things start to loosen up. Coronation Wall and the Headwall were seeing action today, check with Patrol for advice.

At the top of the Mountain the runs are all in good shape with nice riding for novices through early intermediates. With the Funicular now mid-stopping you can get an easy cruise on green runs all in great condition still from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow to the middle platform via the Traverse, Coire Cas and the full length of the Zig Zags giving 1300ft vertical.

On the Ciste side the Gully is absolutely loaded and there is plenty snow on the East Wall to cut out of the Gully and take some different lines. No 1 East Wall Gully is narrow at the entrance, then opens out into a wide snowfield down into the Gully. West Wall Poma track was getting snow fetched from the Aonach Bowl shoved down it on Thursday.

The lower slopes are broken down Burnside but you can get most of the way down with planks on, through the Sheiling Area is still fine thanks to earlier snow making, but you need to unclip at the Slot/Burnside split. Alternatively you can get down via the Fiacaill Traverse, Fiacaill Crossover and the Ridge Poma track - but don't do this when the Fiacaill Ridge Poma is open!
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