pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 13th March 2013
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Winchcat deciding it's not going to winch the Ptarmigan Bowl!

Everything open, East Wall from OverYonder.

Daylodge Run was great, and in the Sun for over an hour when the rest of Coire Cas in a shower cloud!

Cranking up some turns on the sweet Daylodge Run.

Loch Morlich from where the Traverse crosses the M1 Uptrack.

Looking over a wide and flat lower Gunbarrel to the Zig Zag crossover.

Upper Cas had lovely snow, some moderate off-piste in the boulder field, but heed the name!

Fiacaill Traverse was well worth a repeat visit, fenced run onto Zig Zags excellent.

The full length of the Zig Zags are in great shape for Gunbarrel avoidance, so top to bottom on greens possible.

M1 RaceTrack and extensive options outside the fences from the 3rd leg of the Zig Zags.

Tracks on the East Lady, but away from the base 'sharks' lurking - should improve even more with forecast snow.

Alternative Zig Zag route below top fence, Chicken Gully was also very nice and hardly used.

White Lady was sublime this afternoon, best to access direct via old T-bar line or Lady Luck - much wider routes in.

M2 freshened up with a layer of new snow as another snow shower comes in from the North.

Three T40s have been running round the clock on the Sheiling area for several days.

Disappearing fences as the machine made snow mounts up on the upper Carpark Run.

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A few runs grabbed around the hill between email / phone sessions to hosting support and ssh sessions to check on the database rebuild through the afternoon.

Weather alternated between snow showers and bright sunny spells with fantastic light which combined with the fresh snow made for hero conditions across much of the mountain.

Daylodge Poma was very popular in the afternoon as for good chunk of the time it basked in the Sun while the rest of Coire Cas was filled with a snow cloud! Actually, I'd rather not talk about clouds....

Daylodge Run was in great shape and it's a great fun cruise for progressing intermediates and a great warmup with it's various pitches for more advanced riders. Beyond in the Ciste, every trail on the map was open on Wed afternoon, No1 Gully and the Ciste Gully were excellent. West Wall was firmer and strictly for experts only.

Back on the Cas all mid-mountain runs were in great shape, White Lady very wide and flat, the M1 a great layer of machine packed powder. Upper M1, Horizon Road, across the top of the Gunbarrel and down Chicken Gully was a fun variation again today.

Top Basin very quite as often in the cloud, but great surface conditions, indeed there was top to Daylodge today. Should be skiable to the Ciste via the Aonach Ridge and this should improve with more snow forecast ahead of the weekend. It's looking like a weekend not to miss could be shaping up.
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