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Glencoe // Monday 11th February 2013
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Looking down the Access Run, top 2/3rds good, bottom third combat! See yesterday's photos.

Skiers left of the Home Road had machine packed powder corduroy with not a soul going near it - sweet turns.

Looking down the Plateau Poma and Runs from the corner of Mugs Alley.

Top of the Cliffhanger Chair. Mugs Alley options all in great shape.

Looking over the Main Basin from Happy Valley, their merging into one in quite a few places.

Skiers heading for the narrows on lower Happy Valley, which have nice windblown snow.

Upper Happy Valley has firm grippy snow, the fresh from yesterday has blown into Etive Glades.

Bunny Run, High Road and Thrombosis (gully) from the foot of the Plateau Cafe.

Skier tracked windblown powder on the Wall Crossover from the base of the Cliffhanger.

Cliffhanger Chair and the Canyon. Various lines between Cliffhanger and Thrombosis seeing action.

Learning the basics by the Plateau Rope Tow. Good riding for all ability levels.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Plateau Poma base. Plateau Poma busiest lift today.

Top of the Access, over 1 metre of snow here between the fences.

Plateau Poma and Wall beyond, brightening up nicely mid-morning.

The waterfall below the Access Chair.

Bottom of the Access Chair, looks the part. People skiing to carpark again today.

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A fantastic day at Glencoe. After constant snowfall on Sunday which continued well into the night, the snow clouds parted around dawn with great visibility and bright / sunny spells in which to enjoy it all.

The forecast is for a further moderation in wind and brighter overhead for Tuesday, so it is shaping up to be a great one. If you can get up, do it - (at update time) you still have an hour or so to beg the boss for a day off if needed!

There is excellent sport on offer for all abilities with all the Plateau runs in good shape, the outside (skiers left) of the Low Road fence had excellent machine packed powder with little traffic, bit of a hidden gem for early intermediates up today.

The middle mountain is in great shape, the gullies of the lower legs of Mugs Alley virtually filled flat. Fresh tracks being had on the Wall Crossover.

On the upper mountain the snow shifted around a bit from Sunday, the Main Basin was excellent today, the fresh snow slowly getting risen into skier packed powder on the main line, but options for fresh tracks near the tows and to skiers right of them. Upper Happy Valley is firm and grippy, giving way to widblown fresh in the narrows down. The overnight wind shifted the fresh from the upper section into Etive Glades.

Spring Run is a bit mixed and wind affected, speak to patrol for the latest in the morning about it. Icy at the top, but better lower down.

Access Run is skiable to the carpark for advanced riders. Top two thirds in good condition with a consolidated base under the fresh, pretty wide in places. Bottom third is classic Scottish Combat riding, but is passable with care.
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