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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 28th March 2013
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Convoy heading up Coire Cas mid afternoon!

Heading for the coire floor and the Laogh Mor Return fence back to the Ciste.

Laying some turns high on the flank of Coire Laogh Mor.

White Lady from a freshly groomed Home Road, regular piste basher traffic and light use = corduroy motorway to DLP!

Getting the full Lady and a bit more via Sheiling Gully using either Funicular or DLP/WWP for uplift.

Elephant fence on the Upper White Lady - as wide as it physically can be!

Boarders on the White Lady, fantastic riding on machine packed snow with groomed loose on top.

Outside the Top Station, using the rafters for a ski rack.

Looking over the Top Basin. Ptarmigan Tow (and webcam) still out of action, should be open Saturday.

A boarder emerges from the narrows of the lower Ciste Gully at the Laogh Mor boardwalk up to the car park.

An absolutely loaded Ciste Gully far below No 2 Gully on the East Wall. Shuttle bus on even if parking in Ciste not required.

Ciste Bowl in great shape, Fairway side of Ptarmigan Bowl hard and icy, go to near the T-bar.

Endless options for lines on the East Wall into the Ciste Gully.

Top of the Carpark Run. Sheiling Shred has 2 short very low rails and 2 novice boxes.

Looking up the Cas Gunbarrel which is flat and a drop off over the buried fences to skiers left - slightly odd feeling!

Daylodge glorious and basking in the Sun, fun moderate off-piste in the Daylodge Glades.

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Firstly even if parking in the Ciste is not required, the Shuttle Bus is running at present to provide uplift for the full length of Coire na Ciste, so the Laogh Mor Return (beyond patrolled area), full length of the Aonach Bowl and the Ciste Gully to the carpark are all in play.

This gives lots of options and you can use a variety of uplift to get back to the top, late in the day the Funicular maybe the best option and the lower half of the Aonach on lower Ciste can be hit off the Shuttle Bus and Daylodge Poma. With the Home Road and Sheiling Gully in great shape, the DLP and WWP can be used to ride the full length of the White Lady.

Thursday was a classic day on CairnGorm Mountain and never needed to go near the M1 Poma!

Enough bright Sunshine for a bit of a glow (oops) and quite a few snow showers coming through too. Gradually the snow showers will ease as we move into the weekend as high pressure builds, but Friday and Saturday are likely to be bluebird starts, with a few convective snow showers bubbling up later.

There is quite simply great sport all over the mountain for all ability levels. Coire na Ciste is loaded with the East Wall and Ciste Gully just one massive playground.

The mountain is in the sort of shape that can absorb large numbers easily, the only queue on Thursday was for the M1 Poma and there was no need to go anywhere near it to ride the Cas mid-mountain runs. Fiacall Traverse not shown in photos but well worth hitting up.

Get up and enjoy a glorious Easter weekend. :)
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