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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 6th February 2013
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Snowy Ciste Carpark looking up the Aonach Ridge in a brief interlude between showers.

Laogh Mor Return fence line has a good base coming out, unsure of further up though!

Looking past the Mountain Garden. Can ski through to Daylodge Poma, so another option up when WWP open.

Not much to see at the top of the Daylodge Poma so a bullwheel photo!

Looking down from corner of the Daylodge Poma. Lovely riding on firmish machine packed new snow.

Skis and boards outside the Daylodge Cas Bar.

Direct T-bar line of the Carpark Run. Carpark Tow was most popular, some visibility here!

Another blizzard engulfs the Coire Cas Tow, looking down from the off-ramp.

Funicular track disappears into the blowing snow on the White Lady, from beside the mid-station.

Some digging required to get into the Hut and onto the balcony to clear the webcams and deice weather station!

Looking down into the Sheiling Gully, can now ski off White Lady through here to Carpark Runs.

Carpark Run between the top of Burnside and the Sheiling Trainer Tow. Great surfaces on the lower slopes today.

Meall a' Bhuachaille and Creagan Gorm from the Hayfield by the Glenmore Gates at dusk.

Hayfield at dusk, good cover of slightly packed snow for sledging. Some skiers learning here earlier.

On the forest trails a light fresh cover on a slightly packed layer of older snow.

With a packed layer under the fresh skiable for XC despite the thin cover, a few out in the forest earlier.

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Snow showers were frequent and combined with the low cloud the blowing snow was giving whiteout conditions on the upper mountain.

As a result uplift was restricted to the lower slopes with the Carpark Tow, Sheiling Trainer Tow and Daylodge Poma, plus the Cas Tow on the mid mountain.

Coire Cas was seeing very little use, as the light and visibility on the lower slopes were encouraging people to stay there. The changing wind direction over the past week means the Upper Cas has improved considerably in depth and width.

The Zig Zags are absolutely loaded and in excellent condition throughout for those wishing a gentler green alternative to the Cas Gunbarrel. Didn't try the Fiacaill Traverse as visibility was non existent at the top of the Cas for exploring.

Lower slopes are all in good shape with good riding to the Daylodge and the Sheiling Trainer Tow area is in very good shape for a low level alternative to the gentle slopes of the Top Basin.

Machine packed fresh snow with windblown and falling fresh on top on the Carpark Runs and Daylodge Poma Run giving great riding despite the flat light.

With most of the mid and the upper mountain not lift accessed on Wednesday there should be a good deal of fresh around for Thursday and lighter winds are forecast! Pay heed to avalanche warnings and closures as there is a fairly widespread high risk, at 2500ft there was a right eclectic mix of snow types as I dug my way through the snow banked up against the SSC Hut!

Beware that the appearance of a wind scoured surface could be just a hard crust, concealing instabilities still present below. If going beyond the officially open inbounds terrain, please play safely!

Today's turns mean I catch up with Helen on my 40th consecutive month of sliding on CairnGorm Mountain!!
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