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CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 1st July 2013
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Looking up the Ciste Gully - my first July descent, plus Helen and I's 45th consecutive month of sliding somewhere on the 'Gorm!

Helen reaches the end of the road in the Ciste Gully - a short patch of about 100m a short distance below.

Skis on at the top of the snow in the Ciste Gully, between the two fences over to the Ciste T-bar.

First turns of my month 45 on the Tor patch. Helen's were on the Headwall.

Looking up the Ciste Gully, burn from No 1 Gully having a wee nibble at the side!

Helen in the middle of the Ciste Gully.

Colourful at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Helen skis past a still buried section of snow fence in the Ptarmigan Bowl!

July turns in the more traditional July haunt of the Ciste Mhearaidh.

Last of the terrain park snow in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Not very July walking to the Ciste Mhearaidh, sleet shower and at 10am only 0.2°c at Summit. Wet snow reported!

Pointing the way to the main attraction on Monday 1st July 2013!

Looking up Coire na Ciste from the edge of the carpark on Monday morning.

Funicular with new paint job heads up the White Lady as the Sun comes out on the remaining snow on the Cas Headwall.

Heading into the Ciste Gully in July. Surface was softer than the Solstice - but firm underneath, nice turns.

The penultimate turn in the Ciste Gully for Monday 1st July.

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With a new month it was time for myself and Helen to hike up the 'Gorm to bag our 45th consecutive month of sliding with linked turns on CairnGorm Mountain.

While we visited the usual summer patches below the Tor and the Ciste Mhearaidh where the snow field is a good deal more extensive than early July 2012, today they were just the appetizer for the main event - the Ciste Gully!

A break at the small waterfall up from the fenced traverse to the WWP has cut adrift about a 100m patch at the bottom, but above there the Ciste Gully is still offering a run length of a bit over 800m and approximately 220m vertical (that's over 720ft and more than the maximum at the Lecht).

If your thinking of paying a visit claim your own July descent of the Ciste Gully, the forecast is for the weather to deteriorate during Tuesday with strong winds and heavy rain moving in. However things look like clearing up quicker to an improving picture on Wednesday, though perhaps unsettled on Thursday before high pressure ridges in. With rain forecast, remember there is a mountain river the full length of the Ciste Gully! Please be careful.
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