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Glenshee // Thursday 7th February 2013
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Looking down the Fionn Red, scoured patch at the crest of the steeper section. Blue side fantastic surface whole way.

Bottom of Home Run from Tom Dearg, good cruise all the way from top of Caenlochan Poma today.

Tiger Gully, a fun wee run off the Baddoch Chair. Makes accessing Cairnwell Chair easy from anywhere on the Cairnwell.

Flat down box and rail in the Butchart's Terrain Park. Features partially buried, so much easier to hit!

C Rail almost buried, so a gentle introduction to hitting such things just now.

Heading out on the Glas Maol traverse, some good windpacked lines beyond the end of the fences, back into the gully.

Looking out to Glas Maol from Butchart's Coire. Good cover across all runs, loads for all abilities.

Butchart's Access Poma and Run. Good machine packed dry winter snow. Butchart's Coire in good shape too.

The run of the day, the red Cairnwell Slalom. Both RaceTracks fence to fence and in great form.

Skiers and boarders heading onto Butchart's Access Run.

Claybokie is in good shape, machine groomed fresh on a firm base. Might get some firm patches with heavier use.

The new Baddoch Chairlift is having it's first full season, hopefully a lot of work to do yet this winter.

The blue Cairnwell GS RaceTrack, great machine groomed snow fence to fence.

Looking over the Baddoch Chairlift to the Butchart's Access Poma.

Skiers emerge from Tiger Gully to return to the Baddoch Chair.

Good cover on the nursery slopes served by the rope tow and Dink Dink Poma.

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The Sun came out to play late morning at Glenshee, though a high level haze made the light go rather flat in the afternoon, but it always seemed brighter on the Cairnwell side in the afternoon.

There is a great base on all the marked trails across the mountain on all aspects now, so the area is set up fantastically for the approaching half term period. So though it will inevitably be a busy weekend, with the full area open there will always be somewhere quieter! Patience maybe a virtue, but observation and a little thought will get you more riding on busy days.

The base is firm to icy in places, with varying amounts of fresh snow. On the groomed trails it's mostly machine packed fresh snow surfaces, but some scoured areas on the ridge lines and some hard patches will develop during the day in busier areas.

With the stormy conditions earlier in the week further up the snow is more wind affected. Out in Coire Fionn there is some great snow, but also some terrible stuff. The blue Fionn run by the Pomas had great snow today and is the line to take for easier access to the Glas Maol Poma. Off it heading out the fenced Traverse, then traversing out a bit further was getting the best lines.

For intermediates the Home Run loop from the top of the Caenlochan to Tom Dearg was a blast today. The cover on Tom Dearg and Cluny areas is excellent.

The undoubted pick of the day was the Cairnwell RaceTracks, they are both in great shape with beautiful machine packed powdery surfaces. The red Slalom track probably edges it as my overall pick of the day.
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